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I am a bilingual clinical psychologist and have been practicing in Australia since 2007. I have completed my studies in psychology and clinical psychology in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have had the opportunity to work in varied therapeutic settings and with diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

These experiences have given me a greater understanding of the human enterprise and of the need to understand each person’s emotional universe in the context of their own individual life and subjective interpretation. As a result of my own experience living in foreign countries, working with people experiencing displacement and cross-cultural related problems has been a special interest of mine. I also work with emotional and psychological issues such as self-esteem, childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency, self-harming behaviour, body image disorders, eating disorders, psychosomatic complaints, personality problems, severe mental health issues; and family, parenting and relationship concerns.

Regardless of the category of problem you might be experiencing, I treat each person as a unique and singular individual. As a psychotherapist, I aim to be able to help you make sense of what is causing you to feel anguished, distressed or ill. My practice lies on the principle that the interaction between two people, as it unfolds in the therapy room, can promote self-awareness, personal development, emotional change, meaningful decision-making and wellbeing.

I work, mainly, with a psychodynamic framework of therapy within an integrative approach to health. I have also been trained in cognitive-behavioural therapy, group therapy, couple's therapy and children's therapy. Depending on the problems you may be experiencing and your own individual needs, I will endeavour to assist you with the right tools for your concerns.

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